What To Do When Your Hubby Makes You Angry

Friend, once you encounter this truth that life will not be equal for all, you will value the price of patience and give yourself rest of mind. Rather than going moody and cantankerous with others, you will see people’s actions towards you as mere drama that needs not be taken seriously in real life. You will laugh when you need to laugh, smile when you need to smile, cry when you need to cry, and move on. You won’t kill yourself, or attempt committing suicide because of your present situation and circumstances.

Did you remember when you left school? How…

Pandemic is always a test of leadership. Every global crisis is a compulsory leadership test meant to certify those who are truly qualified leaders and those, who through election rigging forced themselves on the people. None should expect a global pandemic to just show its face and disappear suddenly like lightning.

From history, it has been proven that it often runs its course on all, humbling proud leaders of nations who believe they have all power and might, and exposing all fake leaders who are mere party drop-outs. Every leader will be tested by same pandemic.

Recently, I read of…

The fall of the Nigerian economy from its African plateau is earth-shaking, raising dust of confusion as the populace struggle to hold their breaths through the tunnel. The collapse is earthly and has only shown the fallibility of the character flaw of a tragic hero. Recession is not mistletoe that grows on financial branches. It does not just happen, it is caused. Any untended economic garden is expected to be overgrown with weeds of recession. The Nigerian economy had suffered so much in the hands of economy rapists fondling its breastful milk and honey with inept managerial skills, holding it…

“Dating” is the word that has been borrowed into relationship. To date is to spend a quality time with somebody the way a patient books an appointment with a doctor. So, to date is to set apart time to meet with your partner to discuss something meaningfully productive to the health of your relationship.

Dating is the time to market yourself to your partner. It’s the time to sell your vision. It’s the time you brand or package yourself well and deliver something worthwhile to the taste of your partner. It is the time both of you bring your visions…

“Now that China had finished eating and all nations are busy washing hands, why is your water not running from Corona virus? The WHO said we should wash our hands in a running water.” She giggles.

I raise my head. “My God! Catherine? At last we are all home.”

“Happy dipping hands inside water.” Catherine greets, six feet apart from where I stoop over a bucket of detergent and water, washing my hands. In Yoruba parlance, the greeting is a cultural way of wishing a woman or a family who had just welcomed a baby, “happy everyday baby laundry things.”

An incident unfolded slowly before me as I sat at a table deeply engrossed in the reading of a literary text. It was past 10 in the night, the atmosphere looked serene. Suddenly, I heard a man ranting loudly about his phone. I thought the phone must have been stolen. There was long silence visibly interrupted by a woman crying out “I can’t find my teeth”. I listened keenly as she was being led away by those people trying to pacify her. The story was real, not as fictional as the literary text I was reading.

Shortly after that, I…

Alade Blessing

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